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A new & innovative product from Dale Hardware.

The Smart range is an innovative collection of easy fit products. Designed to reduce fitting time and improve the aesthetics of a latch. The intuitive round design allows the installer to fit the Smartlatch in under five minutes, on average saving the installer 75% of the time it would usually take to fit a traditional rectangular faced mortice latch. The Smartlatch is available in both passage and privacy and in four different finishes.

The new latch can be FIT IN UNDER 5 MINUTES saving you three quarters of the time it would normally take to fit a standard latch.

Smart latch can be also a perfect solution for your bathroom door

smart latch           

Push Button Privacy and Smartlatch Privacy create together create the unique system allowing the user to lock the door without the need for separate bathroom or privacy locks. Simply push the button to lock and depress the lever to unlock and exit. Fitted in half the time of a bathroom lock and thumb turn, Push Button Privacy is a time and money saving solution for bathroom doors.

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