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Room Dividers

All our Internal Room Dividers include the frames which are supplied in kit form.

All doors can open towards or away from you, you simply set the hinges accordingly during installation to suit your own requirements, please call 01968 671681 for assistance or email

Our internal room dividers are stylish and convenient options for developers or homeowners looking to install a degree of flexibility within a room. 

                                            Oak Shaker Full Pane Room Divider Doors

                               Oak Shaker Full Pane Easiframe Room Dividers


Easi-Frame Oak & White door System..........This is a new style of oak door & frame set, lots of styles and sizes, any door size with a height of 1981mm can be used within permissable limits such as having available matching side screens, please remember when viewing products in the Room Divider categories that the width of product & door or side screen sizes vary from image to image, be careful to choose the correct combination to suit your home.

                                            Oak Shaker 4 Pane Room Divider Doors

                                Oak Shaker 4 Pane Easiframe Room Dividers


Our new Easi-Frame category ranges in white and oak give a fantastic and flexible selection of door styles and sizes.

We have chosen to concentrate on 3 styles of doors with clear safety glass but with lots of different sizes of side screens to each side or one side only, we have then chosen different sizes of either single doors or pairs of doors, the combinations appear endless, we hope you agree.

                                            Oak Worcester 3 Pane Room Divider Doors

                            Oak Worcester 3 Pane Easiframe Room Dividers


These Easi-Frame doors and side screens are supplied fully glazed, the frames are in kit form and the frame has a 3mt lintel which suits all available sizes shown, no handles or hinges are included, all sizes are tight sizes, no clearances have been allowed for door operation.

                                            Easi-Frame White Room Divider Door System

                                            White Easiframe Room Dividers


The Easi-Frame range will allow you to choose any door size that you wish, just make sure the combined frame, doors and side screens are no more than 3mts wide, all actual door heights must be no more than 1981 high so that they suit the frame dimensions, frame breadth is 135mm.

Easi-Frame Oak Detail & Instructions and Easi-Frame White Detail & Instructions