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Removing and renewing a wooden window frame

Removing & renewing a wooden window frame

                                               SWCV212L Wooden Casement Window, 1200mm wide, 1200mm high.

                                                   A typical window


  1. Remove the individual sash sections of the windows, the sashes are the opening sections.
  2. Cut through the paint and plaster (if required) between the sash and window casing, this helps prevent any unecessary break out of plaster, be aware that some window frames may have concealed fixing brackets holding the frame to the wall.
  3. Cut through the vertical side frame of the window (jambs) at a rough 45 degree angle (across the horizontal) so that the two ends won't bind when levering out.
  4. Lever the frame with a crowbar or broad chisel, pull the jambs towards the centre of the opening and then to you and move (wiggle) them until they loosen.
  5. Cut through the sill at a rough 45 degree angle. Insert a crowbar uor similar nder the sill and lever it upward to break free, be careful not to damage the brick or stonework below the window sill.
  6. Follow the same procedure to remove the head of the frame.
  7. Attach the sill and jambs with bituminous felt or some similar form of damp proof membrane.
  8. Place the new frame into the opening and check as below at 9 that it is level.
  9. Wedge the sill using a spirit level to check if the sill is levelled before securing it.
  10. Fit the frame into the brickwork and drill 3 holes into each vertical side jamb.
  11. Remove the frame and use (fit) frame fixings before refitting the frame back in the correct position.
  12. Screw the frame back in place at your fixings which were used at 11 above.
  13. Install any of the individual sashes that you may have previously removed from the new window in order to make the frame fixing easier.
  14. Fill any gaps with putty or a sand mastic and paint the new frame with wood preserver etc.

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