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The Quebec style walnut veneered door, quality personified!

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The Quebec style walnut veneered door, quality personified!                            


                            Image of Quebec Walnut Pre-Finished Flush Door with panel effect and fully varnished

                                The stunning Quebec style walnut door.

Q; How long will it take for delivery of this Quebec oak door?  

A; We estimate 48 - 72 hours for our free delivery, the speed is dependant on the quantity of doors, 2 or more doors are direct from our supplier and a dedicated courier is used for single doors. 

Q; What type of walnut is used?

A; We use sustainable walnut which is then fully decorated.... in laymans terms...fully varnished.

Q; What is the construction?

A; The Quebec Walnut Door has a solid core with the directional veneers on top to provide a 1st class pre-finished door

Q; What sizes are available?

A; The sizes are 1981x610mm, 1981x686mm, 1981x762mm and 1981x838mm, all 35mm thick.

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Free Delivery Service 48 - 72 Hours anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.
Construction Dowel jointed, Walnut veneered on a solid core
Thickness 35mm as shown below, prices are below.
Guarantee 12 months