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A bit of helpful advice when choosing external doors.

The best advice when fitting external doors is to consider the location, it should be fairly obvious but have you thought about how much weather the door will have to put up with on the elevation it will be fitted to, it's a real consideration.

                                            Double Glazed Doors

                                                     Double Glazed Doors

The obvious choice for doors exposed to severe weather would be to consider our range of Composite doors with Pvc doors being a slightly less expensive option, the reason for given this point some thought is due to the fact that oak external doors for example should have a canopy fitted in order to provide extra protection.

                                            External Tri Glazed Doors

                                                         Tri Glazed Doors

We are reminded all too often by customers that their existing external doors have begun to show a slow but steady decline caused either by the door continually being exposed to the weather or a total lack of regular decoration, customers are in the main unable to confirm when their wooden door was last decorated fully.

                                            External Panel Doors

                                                    External Panel Doors

The last point to be made in this short blog is for us to ask when you last gave your lock or handle a little drop of oil to help lubricate the moving parts, never is the answer we get back when we ask the question.

                                            External Part L Compliant Doors

                                                    External Part L Doors


            Composite Simplicity Doors            External PVC Doors

                External Composite Doors                           External Pvc Doors