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Doors Finished in RAL Colours

Imagine getting the door you love in the exact colour you want whether that be anthracite grey, luxurious black or even a bright fern green, look no further, these options are finally here at DirectDoors.

We offer a wide range of stunning internal and external doors fully prefinished in many different RAL colour finishes, the word "RAL" is then followed by an industry wide recognised set of numbers which relate to an exact colour so that consistency is always achieved.

We supply many colour options, if it isn't necessarily a bright colour you are looking for and more of a neutral tone for a more modern property then we can offer the doors fully prefinished in black, grey, cream and white RAL colours.

Picking a RAL colour can make all the difference to a door, thus making it stand out more. It is professionally sprayed for you and with it's high quality finish, it is a fantastic choice for doors both internal and external. 

palermo grey
Prefinished Palermo Flush Door - Shown in Isabella Mushroom (RAL 0807010)
ivory verona
Prefinished Verona Door - Clear Glass - Shown in Chantilly Cream (RAL 1015)
Shaker 4 Pane Black
Prefinished Shaker 4 Pane Door - Clear Glass - Shown in Cosmos Black (RAL 9004)

If you are looking for a door which is different and stands out or just as a time saving excercise then our range of prefinished coloured doors will do exactly that. We take away the hassle of you having to paint the door on site or in your home, the door comes fully pre finished and ready to fit.

Our range of internal colour choice doors vary in style such as contemporary and traditional so you can be sure, you'll find the door you love to suit your needs. Some of our most popular styles are available in the colour options giving you a wider variety.

The brighter colours make the room pop, they are certainly a bold statement and will give character and style throughout the property making it a decor focal point which will have your guests drawn in to the beauty of them.  

Shaker Duck Egg Blue
Prefinished Shaker 4 Panel Door - Shown in Merlin Duck Egg Blue (RAL 6034)
Pattern 10 Green
Prefinished Pattern 10 Full Pane Door - Obscure Glass - Shown in Fern Green (RAL 6021)
Salerno Grey
Prefinished Salerno Door - Clear Glass - Shown in Cinder Anthracite (RAL 7015)

Our range doesn't just stop there... we also offer sleek looking internal Industrial Style doors which is an excellent option for those with apartments looking to add an urban chic door look with a high end finish or even commercial properties like offices looking to add a modern twist throughout.

These doors are available in Black, Grey and White RAL colours and the narrow stiles and rails make these doors look extremely different.

These doors are available in bespoke options so we can make the door to your exact requirements, this means you can create the internal door to your exact look to suit your preference, what more could you ask for?

crital style black door
Bespoke Industrial Style 3 Pane Door WK6356 - Clear Glass - 95mm - Shown in Black (RAL 9017)
grey industrial door
Bespoke Industrial Style 4 Pane Door WK6362 - Clear Glass - 95mm - Shown in Medium Grey (RAL 7023)
industrial white
Bespoke Industrial Style 9 Pane Door WK6316 - Frosted Glass - 80mm - Shown in White (RAL 9003)

The External Tricoya Door range comes available in a Pre Painted option with a RAL colour which means you could match your interiors doors with your front or back door.

The range comes from the UK's leading brands such as JB Kind Extreme Doors, XL Joinery Tricoya Doors and even a  brand new range from Weekamp Doors known as TriComfort Doors, your front door is bound to make an impression on the neighbours with all the beautiful styles we have to offer. 

Weekamp Tricomfort 3011
External Bespoke 44mm TriComfort WK3011 Front Door - Glass Options - Shown in Agate Grey (RAL 7038)
External Bespoke 44mm TriComfort WK3004 Front Door - Glass Options - Shown in Ruby Red (RAL 3003)
weekamp tricomfort 3004
External Bespoke 44mm TriComfort WK3002 Front Door - Glass Options - Shown in Colbalt Blue (RAL 5013)

All of our doors pre-finished in a RAL colour have a quick turnaround time which is noted on each individual product, we can deliver as quick as 3 weeks. 

The stunning doors are all at a very reasonable cost, professionally spray painted for you and with free delivery to most UK Mainland postcodes, could it really get any better? Go and buy your door today and you won't regret it!  

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