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Popular Home Design Trends - Autumn 2017

With Autumn fast approaching now is a good time to consider what new and popular trends we might see appearing within homes this year. If you have a large-scale home design project in mind (or even if you just feel like making some small changes to your home) then this short list might be of use to you... read on for plenty of great ideas.


Dark Green is gaining popularity within the home, particularly in combination with rich natural wood and leather. This sounds ideal for traditional settings and we have a fantastic range of traditionally styled external glazed composite doors in dark green that are perfect for this approach.


Brass is quickly becoming a popular addition to home furniture; subtle brass accessories and decals can really help to add a little extra something to your home features. Take a look at some of our brass accessories for a starting point, many of which are available at a reduced price in our Outlet Sale.


Rising in popularity as we speak, with a strong chance of becoming colour of the year for 2018, is Black. Let your dark side out and embrace this hue within your home. Black finished metals are likely to be making their appearance in many homes this year, so why not let yours be one of them?


Darker rooms in general are becoming more and more popular this year, using deep hues to create moody and dramatic atmospheres within the home. Walnut and Mahogany doors are a fantastic way to add a touch of dark atmosphere to a home's interior and we have a great selection of modern and contemporary styles to choose from, making it easy for you to find the perfect match for your interior design project.

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