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Part L Pattern 10 style oak door with clear glass

The most simple of "Part L" compliant doors, the term "part L" is what is required for new houses and home extensions.

This Shaker 1 pane Part L compliant external oak door is fitted with clear double glazing and has a very high level of insulation due to the Low E type glass which may give a very slight tint effect but no light reduction.

                             Image of Part L Compliant External Shaker 1 Pane Oak Door - Clear Safety Double Glazing

The shaker 1 pane oak door is of a very high quality and is supplied without any decoration to allow for your own style of decoration...... but all lock cut outs, hinge recesses and any edge planing to the side, top or bottom must also be sealed with 4 coats of suitable treatment such as Sikkens and at least partial decoration must be carried out prior to installation.