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The best colour for a modern style front door


The best colour for your front door depends a lot on the style of your flat or your home and of the style and colour of neighbouring buildings.

If it's in the modern style than there are colours solutions you just cannot make mistakes with. Dark colours such as black and dark hues of grey are very trendy and popular at the moment. Where the off black and anthracite grey are just must in the modern style palette.

These shades will also help in hiding any dirt and marks and they really bring out the door furniture. It may be a good idea to change the door knocker, letter plate or a house number.

When decorating outside, you can usually go a shade darker than you would use inside because you mostly see exterior colours in daylight.

To make the most of your entrance, paint your front door and frame in one colour to help make it look bigger and more imposing.

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