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Obscure Origins.

When it comes to choosing doors for your home you might find yourself having to decide between clear or obscure glass, perhaps for front doors or bathroom doors in particular. Obscure glass can be ideal for providing that extra little bit of privacy and is available in a range of levels depending on the desired use.

Now for the history lesson: have you ever wondered where the word "obscure" originates from? Well let us enlighten you and reveal to you the history of the word.

The word is directly related to the Latin word "obscurus" whose meanings include "to make dark; darken," and "unintelligible; hard to discern,". Old French also used a version of the word "obscur" which means "to cover (something), cloud over". All of these are seen to stem from an Indo-European root meaning "cover".

In today's English language the word "obscure" has a range of applications and meanings that have all stemmed from the aforementioned roots. It has meanings now such as "indistinct; vague; faint; ill-defined," to name a few. With this knowledge in hand, it's plain to see where obscure glass gets its name from.

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