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Oak Interior Doors information

Oak interior doors are generally made with a composite or timber solid core with a quality veneer on top and solid oak edges.

It's with some regret to myself that the layman thinks this type of manufacture is in some way inferior to "solid Oak" as the doors must therefore be "cheap" as in cheap and nasty, the actual facts are that we are making the best use of the worlds timber resources and of the worlds new manufacturing techniques, a sensible combination in my view.

As a way of strengthening my argument, I'm sure you have all seen the huge timber beams that are used in sports centres and the like, these (gluelam) beams are just a bigger version of the way that the central core of a modern day door is constructed, the beams mentioned above are used in place of steel beams, have you ever heard of them failing? I haven't and the truth is they are known to be stronger than steel.

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