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Oak Door?

Two little words that don't explain what the question is, what we are trying to say in the simplest terms is.....if you require an interior oak door or exterior oak door then we can help but in the meantime here is some history of oak and its uses.


For centuries craftsmen have been using oak for furniture production, this usage can be traced back to the Middle Ages, some fine furniture was created and for the interior panelling of prestigious buildings not least of which is the debating chamber of the House of Commons in London. 


Ships constructed in Europe are one use of oak wood from Quercus robur and Quercus petraea, it was the prime building material for the British Royal Navy fleet until the 19th century and this usage includes its men-of-war.

Ship builders were quick to latch on to its qualities, these qualities included sturdiness and durability, which provided much needed defence against such things as that nasty cannon fire.


           Heart of oak beams of the frame of Saint-Girons church in Monein, France

These days oak is regularly used for really fine furniture and it’s a certainty that oak will be one of the preferred building materials not just for furniture but for construction of doors and windows not to mention certain types of buildings, It's also used in the manufacture of wood flooring in thousands of modern homes.

Brewing and Whisky:

My own father-in-law was a "cooper" and used oak in the barrel making industry, working for many local companies including Neil Dryburgh making casks and barrels in which the usual variety of red wines, sherry, brandy and spirits such as Scotch whisky were aged, like any cooper he made sure the angels didn't get their full share.

The use of European and American oak in the wine industry can add many different dimensions and subtle tones to the flavour based on the type and style of the oak. Oak barrels, which may be charred before use enhance the colour, taste, and aroma of the contents, imparting a desirable oaky vanilla flavour to these drinks.                                                       

Oak Doors & Frames:


                                             Oak Door & Frame

Our experience with oak doors is to buy the best but take care during fitting to make sure all edges, lock cut outs etc are very well decorated with a suitable protective coating and make sure a porch is also used to protect the door from our lovely British weather.


Oak is readily available and most interior oak doors, exterior oak doors or frames are over-veneered on a solid core composite construction which in our opinion adds to the stability of the products.


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