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Oak and Mahogany Wooden Doors

Exterior and Interior doors...........

The full range of exterior doors available in today’s market include Mahogany, Pine, Oak, PVC and also Composite, the same range of materials is also available for interior doors.

Most Exterior doors and interior doors with the exception of any made to measure/bespoke doors or frames are usually over-veneered on solid timber, this is in line with the need to make the best use of resources and does lead to a very stable door with comparable stability to one piece solid wooden section doors.

Interior oak doors with glass, flush, panelled..... & including fire doors.

Our bespoke range of wooden doors are constructed using traditional Mortice & Tenon joints, this ahs always been accepted as the best way of manufacturing doors but the use of “splined dowels” as a jointing method especially when coupled with the improvements in modern glues has narrowed the construction difference in relation to the quality of joints to almost zero.

The quality and style of exterior wooden doors or interior wooden doors when they are treated properly are the best buy purchase you will make, the interesting thing about exterior wooden doors is that even when they have been fitted to a property for 100 years or more they continue to function properly and when they don't they can be added to, reduced in size and different locks or draught excluders added, the same cannot be said about PVC doors, however when all is said and done PVC or Composite doors need minimal maintenance, on more modern properties they can be a better option.

It is our contention that Exterior Mahogany doors, Pine doors or indeed Oak doors will and do outlast and outshine PVC & Composite doors, wooden doors are without doubt more aesthetically pleasing on the eye but must be regularly maintained on both the inside and the outside as well as all four edges.

Exterior Oak Doors, single, double, with side screens & folding doors.

Our range of oak interior doors is larger than ever with doors contructed with top quality veneers and available in flush, panelled and glazed versions, these doors can also be put together to install as double doors or folding doors, the oak veneeers are available in vertical designs and as "directional" veneers, the directional veneers are when the horizontal rails and the vertical rails have the veneers running in the same direction as the rails.

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