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New Style Ball Type handles - DIY tip 38


ball-type-handles Ball Type Handles


These handles are always supplied as pairs and are "Ball with Glass Knob" type, they provide a different finish from the usual and are very much traditional looking.

There are two different styles of these new handles, the first is the GK001PB and it consists approximately of a 65mm (PB) Polished Brass Rose and 60mm cut glass ball, they can be used on any interior door with the probable exception of Bifold doors and any other door which does not have a large enough stile (side frame).   

The second handle is more of a fusion of old and new styles, it consists approximately of a 65mm (CP) Chrome Plated Rose and 60mm cut glass ball, again it is the GK001 but not (PB) it is the GK001CP and is the exact same dimensions as the GKoo1PB, they can be used on any interior door but again with the probable exceptions as mentioned above.  

These handles are used with the Electro Brass or  Nickel Plated tubular latches which are available in 95mm or 105mm lengths, this is the depth of the latch and it is really a personal preference of how far from the door edge you would want your handle to be fitted.

Please remember that all sizes for latches are the overall length, the actual "Spindle" is some 15mm less than this, the spindle is the part of the handle that goes through from one side of the door to the other and connects the handles together.

There types of finishes for tubular latches such as Electro Brass is for the Polished Brass handles and  the Nickel Plated is for the Chrom Plated handles, where I have mentioned Nickel Plated or Electro Brass I am talking about the forend, the forend is the part of the latch that remains visible on the edge of the door. 

There are shorter latches available but these are generally fitted with lever handles, I have dealt with this length of latch and lever type handle in another blog. 

Latches are nowadays most popular in "Tubular" style, they are easier to fit as they only need one drill hole of aproximately 22mm, there are numerous types of latch available including;

Tubular Mortice as mentioned above.

Full Mortice style which are maybe 100mm long and 100mm square.

Latches with square or rounded face plates.

Latches with small or long forends.

Latches that vary from 65mm to 150mm long.

Latches that are suitable for locking. 

The list is enormous but in truth most ordinary run of the mill Tubular latches will do the job.


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