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NEW in October: Made to Size Frames & Made to Size Architraves

At Direct Doors, we are always thinking of new ways to bring style and innovation to the homes of our customers.

There is no need to go anywhere else as DirectDoors has all your door needs. With this in mind, we introduce our brand new ‘Made to Size’ Frames and Architraves. Made with high quality veneered oak and an MDF core, this range is both durable and robust. Choose to decorate/stain/varnish or buy prefinished ready to fit into your home.

As the UK’s sole supplier, these products have been constructed with ease and affordability in mind by us in Britain. Both Frames and Architraves feature primed, unfinished and prefinished veneer wraps and have been designed to suit any of our interior door sizes.

With 3 different styles; 'Modern' 'Traditional' & 'Simple', we aim to cater to every home.

We also offer Made to Size Fire Door Frames & Made to Size Fire Architraves that have a 30 minute fire rating when paired with any 30 minute Fire Door. 

The Made to Size Interior Door Frames are supplied with door stops for use with any door thickness, the frame legs are both pre-drilled as is the lintel but the latter is supplied pre-drilled on one end only. A template jig is included to allow accurate drilling after you cut the lintel to width, all ready for simple butting at the legs to accommodate all door widths.

The Made to Size Architraves are supplied as a kit, each pack is sufficient for both sides of single doors: 4 Legs, 2 Lintols – a 6 piece pack.

Frame legs are supplied 2095mm long and 2 sets of architrave/facings legs are supplied 2170mm long, all for site cutting.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at for more information or give us a call on 01968 671681 and a member of our sales team would be happy to assist you.

Size Guide: 

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Made to Size Internal Single Fire Door Frames

Made to Size Internal Double Fire Door Frames

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