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Modern Trends - Retro Door Styles

There is no denying that retro styles and designs have been making a huge impact on interior design over recent years, with many homeowners openly embracing retro trends and creating more interesting and unique living spaces. The charm of retro design isn't just limited to the nostalgia factor; nowadays there is a plethora of alluring door styles that are not only superb as standalone designs but are also easily implemented within a contemporary retro interior style.

retro-door-styles     retro-door-styles

Pictured above: Coventry Contemporary Glazed and Limelight Fortune White Primed Flush

At we have a great range of retro door styles to choose from: from subtle nods towards designs and patterns of years past to more bold statements of retro styles and decorations, we have something for everyone within this collection. In this article we have chosen to show off a small range some of our favourite 70's and 80's style interior doors, encapsulating a small spectrum of designs that are bound to make a huge impact on your home's interior design.

retro-door-styles     retro-door-styles

Pictured above: Asti White & Oak Flush and Limelight Oriole White Primed Glazed

At the more extravagant end of our retro door styles spectrum, the Limelight Oriole White Primed Glazed is a bold, daring door that embraces its heritage and doesn't back down. With its stylish window pane and sweeping lines forming the door's design, the Oriole makes a bold statement and is a perfect match for a retro-themed interior.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Asti White and Dark Grey Flush is a very adaptable door that can easily be integrated within a modern environment. Featuring a bold and high-contrast design, this door style definitely stands out in a crowd and is guaranteed to catch visitors' eyes. If the dark grey accent isn't your thing we also stock a range of alternative designs, using oak and walnut bandings to present a slightly more subtle statement.

retro-door-styles     retro-door-styles

Pictured above: Emilia Oak Glazed and Asti White & Dark Grey Flush

For further information on the doors you have seen within this article, please visit any of the above products and links to learn more. If you have any questions, you can easily contact us via (or call us on 01968 671 681) and we will be happy to help.

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