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Maple Doors - Maple Trees - Food - Did You Know?




The info set out below is not exhaustive, just some facts on Maple Trees. Did you know???? Canada makes 80% of the worlds Maple Syrup and It takes approximately 30-45 litres of maple sap to produce 1 litre of pure maple syrup.

Maple syrup is a pure, natural sweetener, the only other liquid natural sweetener being honey. It contains only one-tenth as much sodium as honey, an important consideration for those on a salt-restricted diet. Some maple trees can grow to 130 ft /40 metres with a diameter of 3 ft /1 metre.

A tree must be at least 12 in/305 mm in diameter before it can be tapped; it can take 35-40 years to reach this size, new sap holes for "tapping" must be drilled at least 4 in/100 mm above and 6 in/150 mm to either side of previous holes, this prevents any likleyhood of infection in the tree Maple sap becomes maple syrup at the moment when its concentration of sugar reaches 66%. Sap cannot become Maple Syrup without human intervention.




There are over 200 different Maple tress but the Sugar, Black, Red and Silver variations are the only ones "tapped" for the sap which is used to make Maple Syrup with the Red and the Silver used less so a they can be cloudy, produce less and have a shorter growing season.

Maple is a hard, beautifully grained wood used in furniture making and as a veneer, we have a selection of Maple doors on the web site such as the "Flush veneered fire door" shown above which is available in 4 sizes and which we can also have "specials" made to suit your requirements.


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