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Make your front doors enchant your visitors.


When you decorate your front door for Christmas it means you welcome Christmas spirit in your home.


The most popular and easy way to decorate the front door is a Christmas wreath. There are so many wreaths to choose from, but you can also create your own by adding a personal touch even to a purchased one or by designing it from scratch. Christmas has become so commercial and at the same time handmade festive decorations are having a  great come back -  it is easier than you think and is also great fun for kids.

There are styrofoam forms to purchase from craft shops, or you can make your wreath base using a reshaped wire hanger, to affix further decorations, use a small flexible wire or a thread, glue and blue tag.


Once you decide about a base, think what style would match your home, your door and your Christmas. Is it traditional warmth feeling you would like to achieve?  Would you like to evoke the sentiment of being at home, being safe and part of something beautiful? Then use wigs of conifers, red berries, green and red are recommended along with a touch of gold and silver, but try remain with one theme. Sparkles are very important: use glittering elements, but try to avoid tinsels as these are very much out of style.




For the more modern, elegant style I'd recommend grey, silver, ivory and white shades. In this case, try to avoid natural green and red colours - go for matte elegant finishes and try to keep all elements in the palette from the winter snowy sceneries. See the beautiful examples below:


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