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Can I make a fire rated door frame that complies with fire regulations?

Can I make a fire rated door frame that complies?

The short answer is NO!

Fire door frames are only considered as such when they have been manufactured with the correct door type as a "door set" and tested as such.


Fire suitability tests are laboratory type tests that are very controlled before, during and after the test with the results analysed and noted, only then will a certificate of compliance be issued should the correct result be acheived.

Any variation to this procedure would require your frame and door choice to be tested in accordance with regulations, however, it is our experience that planning authorities use discretion when retro fitting fire doors and frames, approval in respect of a completion certificate is normally granted as long as the individual products have been tested as complying with fire tests.

                                                 Image of Interior Fire Door Frame, Type 1 for Single 1/2 Hour Fire Rated Doors, Made to Size with Fire & Smoke Seals and with or without threshold.

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