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Loft Style Interiors

The Loft style flat idea originated from New York as early as 1950’s when the artist and 'freedom lovers' started renting commercial buildings for very low rent. Starting as workshops, their usability expanded very quickly into the living spaces, galleries and party flats.

The most famous loft was probably 'the Factory' – Andy Warhol's studio which evolved into the greatest party place in the ’60s.


industrial style doors panel black industrial style door Full glass black interior industrial style door


The loft concept moved very quickly abroad, firstly to UK and Germany, and quickly evolved into a trendy living place for high-class creative folks dedicated to making money but who were also proud to show their bold styles and style confidence.


Grey loft door Light grey interanl loft syle door White industrial style Loft door


The definition of 'loft' today would include an open space, high ceilings, concrete floor, industrial windows, and any other kind of industrial elements in décor. The biggest characteristic in lofts are the walls, with their beautifully exposed brick and structural elements.


Loft style industrial room dividers Pocket industrial loft style door Double Industrial modern loft door


While trying to keep as much of the open floor plan environment as possible, the use of doors is debatable to its originality, however, as people, we certainly need some spaces separated and there is a great solution to this. The fitted doors work perfectly with lofts freedom and are so-called industrial doors –  they are bold and characteristic in style with narrow stils and rails, panelled, clear or frosted glazed; Best as single or double doors, room dividers or as a new design mandatory - pocket doors.


See this link to find the range of explicitly industrial style doors.

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