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Let There Be Light Throughout the Home

Glazed doors play a major role in today's modern homes, adding huge impact to the look of a contemporary home's interior design with their stylish appeal. Glazed internal doors come with a great range of benefits that are worth considering if this is a step you wish to take within your own home.

These days glazed internal doors are very popular and there is a fantastic range of styles and designs available to choose from. At we have one of the most extensive selections of glazed internal doors in the country, with doors to suit all manner of home styles and personal preferences, so be sure to check out our full range to see what door styles might suit your home.


Pictured above: Carini 5 Pane Oak Glazed and Palermo Oak 1 Pane Glazed

One of the biggest benefits of adding glazed doors to your home's interior is that they are a fantastic method of distributing natural light throughout a space, which can help in making smaller rooms look much larger than they actually are. In homes or flats where space might be an issue, glazed interior doors are an excellent way to maximise the space available and present an interior as being more expansive than it might first appear.

A huge advantage of dividing rooms with a glazed door is perhaps the most obvious: to allow visual access between rooms. Being able to see from one room to another can be incredibly beneficial in terms of safety, particularly when there are children in the home. Having a glazed internal door between rooms such as kitchens and living rooms is an ideal solution for providing you with the added peace of mind of being able to keep an eye on your children at all times.

glazed-internal-doors     glazed-internal-doors

Pictured above: Geo White Primed Glazed and Downham White with Bevelled Glass

If you have ever considered removing a wall within your home but have faced concern that you might miss the seperate identity of the two rooms involved, then a glazed internal door could be the ideal solution for you. By utilising a glazed door pair in such a setting, you are in effect creating the best of both worlds. There are a huge number of door styles available that are ideal for this purpose, each offering their own levels of privacy depending on the room in question (and personal preference).

In terms of sound reduction and reflection, glass doors are particulary well suited for rooms such as living rooms and games/entertainment rooms where loud volume from televisions and speakers might be an issue. The combination of glazed internal doors and windows within such rooms helps to create a sound-insulated area that is perfect for family movie nights, sporting events etc. If you are only considering adding glazed doors to one or two rooms in your home, the main TV room is most likely to be your best bet for this purpose.

glazed-internal-doors     glazed-internal-doors

Pictured above: Vancouver Walnut 4L Glazed and Valcor Walnut Glazed

Glazed internal doors can have a large impact on the visual appeal of a home and are a great way to add style to, and potentially modernise a setting, if that is your goal. For instance, if you are looking to replace an older, more traditional door with a glazed alternative but are concerned that you might be sacrificing the original door's style, you will be happy to see that supplies a great range of elegant, traditional and stylish door styles to choose from. Forfeiting your door's existing style will never be an issue again when there are so many great traditional designs to choose from.

In an office or workplace environment glass doors can assist in communication by doing away with any constraints that might arise from closed doors and walls. By removing these barriers and implementing glass within such settings, office areas can be opened up as required. With the range of privacy levels available for many glazed door styles there is a glass style to suit every environment; obscure and frosted glass is an ideal solution for workspaces that might require that extra degree of isolation.

glazed-internal-doors     glazed-internal-doors

Pictured above: Arnhem Grey Primed Glazed and Arnhem Black Primed Glazed

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