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Keep your child safe

How many of us asked ourselves are our children or grandchildren safe, before reading on can I just say this is not a sales pitch, just a genuine concern with the offer of some free advice.

The case of Mikaeel Kular in Edinburgh certainly made me think about my own grandchildren, as it turned out the home security was not the issue but I was again forced to ask myself....are the windows secure, can the children reach the locks and if so can they open either the window or the door.

My answer was that my oldest grandchild, three years old and very smart (we all think the same of our kids) was able to open the child safety gate at the top of the stairs, even more concerning was the fact that she could and had opened the window, not only that but she has just proved that she can reach a yale type lock on the external gate to the street.

We all want the best for our kids, their safety is paramount, I have fitted secondary plastic coated wire locks to my daughters pvc windows, these locks have a key (hidden nearby) operation to allow you to fully open the windows when required, there is another version (linked below) that does not require a key, the garden gate will shortly have a lock fitted at the top.


All I would ask you to do is play hide and seek, count to 20 and see how far away your child can be, we can all be distracted for 20 seconds and more, it's nobodys fault, just make sure you do everything to help with your childs safety.

Here's a few links to where to buy your window locks, there is no business connection, just a genuine belief that I should help other parents and grandparents to protect those liitle ones.

The lock type chosen will fit any window, pvc or wooden.   Product code is HS172 for a UPVC Cable window restrictor. Product code is 727270 for a Jackloc Cable Window Restrictor Push & Turn - White (NO KEYS REQUIRED)

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