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JB Kind Rebated Door Pairs


Firstly, it means that they are specially created for you and your home and therefore the delivery timescale is so much longer at 10 - 14 days - but worth waiting for!!!

This main category has three sub categories which sets out flush doors, panelled doors and door with glass in an easy to browse manner, rebating is when two doors are machined to allow the two individual doors to work as a pair, the area where they meet in the middle allows the doors to "overlap" and finish flush with each other when closed.

All of these doors are "SPECIAL ORDERS" and are therefore non refundable, in fact they cannot be cancelled after the order is placed as they are taken straight from stock to the workshop whereby they are marked up and made ready for machining, the marking of the doors renders them useless for anything other than a door pair.


All sizes are for the overall pair and the "handing" will be exactly as you order, we have placed easy to follow images and text within each product which shows the 4 possible choices for opening a door pair..... namely, 

  1. Left towards you 
  2. Right towards you
  3. Left away from you 
  4. Right away from you.

Fire doors cannot be rebated as a pair as to do so would result in the fire certificate (which relates to each single door) being invalid.

Please take your time and make your selection to avoid any issues with the sizes or the way the doors open.

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