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Intumescent Fire Seal Compliance and Compatibility

Does a 10mm x 4mm intumescent seal comply for 1/2 hour integrity and a 20mm x 4mm for 1 hour integrity? 

It is mostly true that larger intumescent strips are for longer integrity periods but the intumescent specification for the door must be tested and confirmed as assesed for a specific doorset.

This is a fact for:

  • the size of the seal
  • the position of the seal
  • the type of seal used

                                            Image of Treviso Oak Flush Panel Fire Door, 1/2 Hour Fire Rated

The type of seal is specific to a manufacturer, all manufacturer's seals don't always give the same performance, this is also the case if they are of the same generic type, e.g. graphite.

It should thereofre be clear that it is not permissable to use differing seal types or manufacturer except and unless there is test evidence provided to demonstrate their compatibility and use.

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