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Interior 1930's style period doors

Period doors that will help recreate that 1930's style which has proved so popular and enduring.

Our new category of doors is dedicated to the popular 1930's door style, a very popular period door that can suit many types of home including more recently built homes.

A traditional home from the years 1920 -1940 would have had heavy doors made from solid oak, pitch pine or douglas fir timber in what has become known as a 1930's style, history has chosen to ignore the fact that this style of 1930's door was used as early as 1920.

Often a more affordable choice was waxing or staining a cheaper timber to try and attain the required quality look that these period doors offered. Doors were however generally painted and would have been in dark colours of brown, green or black with edges and panels picked out in contrasting colours.

                                  Image of DX Oak Panel Fire Door, 30 Minute Fire Rated

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Traditional style 1930's art deco doors would have used either bakealite or cast iron door handles and would have had a rim lock fitted, a rim lock is a lock fitted to the face of the door on one side of the room with a basic handle set and a keyhole on the opposite side from the lock, although rim locks offered very basic security it gave the homeowner a high degree of comfort in an era when most home owners never locked their external doors.

Three elongated lower panels would often be two thirds of the way up with a single top panel, more often than not the panels would be flat and in a plywood with a veneer made of the same main timber...oak or pine as described above.

There was (and still is) the option of the top panel being a glazed panel or a decorative lead glass pane.

These Art Deco doors offer lots of options such as fire rated and bespoke sizes with as much diy advice as you could ever possibly need, just ask!

Go on, be different!

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