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I can’t find the perfect door for my home

So you must be at that stage. It feels like you have trawled the entire internet for the perfect door for your home but you haven’t seen it on any website so far.

You have a clear image of it in your mind. You might have seen it on another house or you might have just dragged it from the realms of your imagination. The design may be frustratingly simple or it may be headscratchingly complicated but it JUST… ISN’T… ANYWHERE…


                                    SIMPLE                                                 NOT SO SIMPLE

Well, we have bad news and good news.

The bad news is that your perfect door probably doesn’t exist but then you probably already knew that. Don’t despair! The good news is that there is a solution.

Custom made doors.

Yes, we can make your perfect door for you, or it may be so befuddling that it is beyond even our highly qualified door carpenters but then you won’t know if you don’t ask.


So what information will you need to provide us with for a quote? Well, none really. Not at first anyway. All you need to do is e-mail us or call us and tell us that you need a door that you can’t find anywhere. We will then narrow your requirements down with a series of questions.

Of course, it would certainly speed the process up if you do provide us with some information to go on at first. 

1.  Photos or diagrams are the best thing you can provide. Don’t worry if it’s not the best drawing, you will see from the attached example that we are not exactly Pablo Picasso ourselves. 


If you absolutely cannot draw for toffee then you will need to describe the design as best as you can in words. (i.e. I need 1 quarter round pane of shaped glass to be above two flat vertical panels underneath. Approximately half and half.)

2.  Normally we will need to know the type of timber required (oak, mahogany, pine, walnut, etc.)

Victorian Oak 4 Panel Door without Raised MouldingsVictorian 4 Panel Hardwood Door Victorian 4 Panel Pine Door JB Kind Walnut Flush Veneered Door is Pre-finished

3.  The type of glazing required if any (single, double, triple; clear, obscure, textured; low-e, pyro-glass, etc)


4.  The overall size of the door or frame in millimetres. (i.e. 2100mm high x 900mm wide x 45mm thick)


5.  Whether this needs to be:

  • a loose door,
  • a loose frame,
  • a loose door and frame,
  • a loose door, frame and fittings or
  • a fully pre-hung door-set
  • any of the above with door pair
  • something else

Stockholm Exterior Oak Door and Frame Set with Frosted Double GlazingSuffolk Flush Oak Door and Frame Set with One Unglazed Side ScreenMajestic Exterior Oak Door and Frame Set with Two Side Screens and Zinc Double GlazingEmpress External Oak Double Door and Frame Set with Zinc Clear Tri Glazing

6.  If you choose to have us supply the fittings then you need to let us know what fittings are required too. By fittings we mean, handles, hinges, locks/latches and other door ironmongery.


This is a start but if we need any more information then we will ask you. If you can't answer all of the above yet then don't worry, we will walk you through it so that we can provide you with the perfect door.