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How to protect your door prior to fitting - DIY Tip 22


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Do not stand new doors against an outside wall (in the house) while waiting to fit them as the cold wall can make them twist or bow etc.


  • Do not place new doors in a location where new plasterwork has been carried out within the last two or three weeks.
  • All forms of moisture such as rain, condensation and even humidity have a critical bearing on the well-being of your door, especially patterns that have solid timber panels.
  • take great care to supply you with what are probably the finest doors available and we certainly derive no pleasure whatsoever from the stressed and sorry state we sometimes see some doors reduced to owing to the ignorance and abuse to which they have been subjected.
  • After doors have left our premises we have no control over the conditions to which they are exposed and in the interests of the continued validity of any guarantees we cannot stress too strongly the importance of observing the advice contained throughout the site.
  • Every effort is made to ensure that the moisture content levels of doors are in accordance with BS1186 part one when they enter and leave our warehouse or workshop.
  • This provides for Exterior doors to be in the range of thirteen to nineteen per cent and Interior doors ten to fourteen per cent. For this reason it is vital that the moisture levels are retained and Exterior doors are not used for interior and vice versa.


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