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How to buy Doors - DIY Tip 11


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When researching the web for the best new door options for your home it goes without saying to measure each and every door. Do not assume they are all the same size. We regularly have customers asking us to take back doors that have been supplied correctly but have been wrongly measured. The cost of doing so is prohibitive as most suppliers expect a restocking charge and the transportation of doors is expensive. Try and think what you really want; cheap and cheerful, or something more sturdy and therefore probably better soundproofed. Cheap doors are not always the best option.




Do you want doors for painting, varnishing or staining? There is little point in buying Oak doors if you really want something for painting.

Most interior doors are 35mm thick. While it may be that the existing doors in your home are 40mm, the 35mm doors will fit perfectly (but will show a tiny margin at the inside face). Always fit the doors to the door stop - the stop is the timber that the door actually "hits" against when closed. All 30 minute rated fire doors are 45mm thick unless they are what is known as 1 hour rated, these will be 55mm thick.


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Always allow 4-7 days for the delivery of new doors (sometimes longer for some doors such as bespoke, external doors or internal doors). Here at we carefully wrap the doors and in most instances actually crate them.

The site is based on compatibility and will try and guide you to buy the product that is best suited for your door, eg; the correct hinges, the correct latch or lock for a particular type of handle and so on.

Whatever you want we have it! Any questions, email

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