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How to make an attic hatch in a ceiling

Making an attic ceiling hatch

Not quite as large as a door or a door frame but using the same principle fitting techniques.


Creating an opening

  1. Plan the size of your hatchway before anything.
  2. With a tape measure, measure the dimension of the hatchway.
  3. Once set, use a power saw to cut into the surface.
  4. Use the power saw to smooth the edges of the opening.

Fitting a frame around the hatch

  1. Plan to line the opening with softwood, 30 mm (1 in) thick. These lengths of softwood should be joined at the corners. Skew-nail the corners to secure them on the opening. Use a mitre box to cut the ends at a 45 degree angle.
  2. Fit the softwood within the opening. Use a spirit level to check that it is straight.
  3. Screw the frame to the softwood and fill any gaps with thin pieces of wood.
  4. To access the hatchway, you’ll need to install a ladder.

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