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How to fix wall battens

Wall battens, How to install them.

Battens are used in all sorts of things from stagecraft to sailing and, of course, construction; this guide explains how to apply wooden battens to a wall to create a cavity and extra support for your wall.


The steps to follow

  1. Cut and prepare the number of battens you plan to install on the wall. The average thickness of a batten should be 5 x 2.5 cm (2 x 1 in) and should be 15 cm (6 in) shorter than the wall.
  2. Before you fix the battens, apply a coat of wood preservative on them and let them dry.
  3. Position the first vertical batten on the far left of the wall, and set the bottom at 10 cm (4 in) above the floor, then mark a line.
  4. Use the glue to fix the batten to the wall in the marked out position.
  5. Next, secure it to the wall by fixing 4 nails along the batten.
  6. While you install these vertical battens, use a spirit level to check their straightness and adjust them if necessary.
  7. Measure the distance between one vertical batten to the next. Cut horizontal battens based on this measurement and apply a coat of wood preservative to them.
  8. Locate and mark the midpoint of the vertical batten.
  9. Apply glue to a horizontal batten and place it right at the marked spot.
  10. Use a spirit level to check if the horizontal batten is straight.
  11. Secure two nails along the horizontal batten.
  12. Secure a horizontal batten across the tops and bottoms of the vertical battens.
  13. Follow steps 9 to 11 to finish fixing the horizontal battens.

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