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How to Decorate Your Front Door for Christmas

Decorating   front door for Christmas means welcoming Christmas spirit in your home.

The most popular and easy to make decoration of front door is a Christmas wreath. It always looks wonderful. There are so many wreaths to choose from, but you can also create your own by adding a personal touch to bought one or by designing it from the very beginning.

For a base you can use a wooden wreath form or make your own by reshaping a wire hanger. There are also styrofoam forms to purchase from craft shops. To affix further decoration use a small flexi wire or a thread. Glue and blue tag are always usefull...

Once the base is decided go wild  and use natural objects like leafs berries or real apples… anything really. Then think of what else would you use …any purchased Christmas decoration will do but also origami cranes, small toys... You name it and you make it.


Go wild and remember it doesn’t matter what you create if you have no fun…..Merry Christmas

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