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How can I upgrade existing doorsets to fire rated?


How can I upgrade existing doorsets to fire rated?

Various options are possible when trying to upgrade existing doorsets and improve their fire resistance, every improvement or upgrade is relevant to an individual doorset and may not be appropriate for other designs.



Ensuring the correct method is chosen and having the enhanced integrity confirmed is really only possible by employing a company to carry out a survey by a competent fire engineer.

There are a number of components that are included in a fire rated doorset and which if omitted in part can impact on its performance, an understanding of these components is required.

                                             Image of JBK STP Flush Plywood Kintt6G 1/2 Hour Fire Rated Door with  Wired Fire Glass

The questions are;

  • Can the door can be upgraded and its integrity confirmed
  • What upgrading measures are required
  • Are other areas likely to impact on the performance of the door, things like sidelights or galzed transoms above the door have to be considered.
  • Consider the panels, hinges, closers, glazing, intumescent seals, the doors core type and anyhting else that may have a bearing.
  • If panel type products are to be used it is essential that suitable fire test evidence exists and matches the construction and or design of the door being considered for improvement to  fire rating.

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