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Heather Blue Dominates 2024 Colour Trends

As we step into the vibrant landscape of 2024, a fresh wave of colour trends is sweeping across the design industries. Among the myriad of hues making a statement, one colour stands out as the reigning champion of sophistication and tranquillity - Heather Blue. Despite sage green reigning as the colour of 2023, Heather Blue is poised to take over the spotlight and claim the title of the "it" colour for 2024.

It’s evident there has been a shift away from previously popular neutral hues that were so popular at the beginning of the decade, towards shades that appear abstract but have a subtle pop of colour. Nature inspired colours have been increasing in popularity over the years, so its clear homeowners are opting to express their personality more boldly within their home whilst still creating a comforting and peaceful atmosphere within. Perhaps, this is why blue is becoming a popular choice this year. Blue is often associated with the beauty of the sky or the vastness of the sea, but both illicit an aurora of calm and therefore, help recentre the mind and body.

Decorating with blue can be fun too, it can be dressed up a with bright pops of colour in true maximilist fashion or dressed down for a more serene and minimalist appeal. Whether used as an accent wall, incorporated into furnishings, or displayed through accessories, this hue instantly transforms any room into a haven of tranquillity. Its soothing properties make it an ideal choice for bedrooms, living rooms, and even home offices, providing a sense of calm amid our bustling lives.  

Not quite ready to commit to painting the walls? DirectDoors has its very own shade of blue that we think makes an excellent choice for those seeking a colour that can seamlessly integrate into their existing style. Shop our collection of Interior and Exterior Doors in shade Heather Blue for the perfect upgrade to your home this 2024.

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