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Frameless Pocket Doors


In the last couple of years, after a stint in obscurity, pocket doors have returned to prominence and no wonder. Aesthetically pleasing and space-saving doors are perfect in this age of individualized living spaces and compact living, and nothing encompasses this collaboration between style and practicality more than Frameless Pocket Doors.

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Perfect for creating a clean seamless look that can blend with its surroundings and avoid cluttering the wall design with heavy looking door frames. In addition, this chic look can be used not only to connect and separate the rooms but also as a closet door, making sure that you can uphold the same aesthetic thought your home.

Frameless pocket door frame Frameless pocket door frame


The benefits of frameless doors do not end with their beautiful aesthetics. Practical and easy to build in they require only the Pocket cassette system and require no screws to install. And more, they are a wonderful solution for any home that requires special considerations for accessibility, as frameless pocket doors are easy to operate, require very little effort to open or close and have nothing that could obstruct access.


Frameless pocket door frame frameless pocket door cassette


Whether you are looking for single or double doors to connect your home both to inside and outside word, sliding frameless pocket doors might be a solution to you. So, check out our frameless pocket cassette cases and bring a touch of modernity and practicality to your home for an affordable price.