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Folding Doors - DIY tip 43



I have been looking to add a new range of Folding doors to the web site for some time and I am pleased to announce that I have now added several styles as of today, for the moment they are only available in Oak but there will be other types of timber and finishes added in the future.

All these folding door sets are supplied with their matching frame, glass (where appropriate) sliding tracks and hinges, handles are best bought seperately. The folding door sets vary from as small as a four door set at only 1266mm wide through four, five, six and seven door sets given multiple width possibilities up to 3130mm wide.

The doors vary in style from full pane, half pane/half panel, multiple pane/lower panel and what is termed full door styles which use less doors over a large area.  The doors can all be reduced by 4mm on each edge which again gives more flexibility of opening width, 3 doors can be adjusted by 24mm and the maximum of 7 doors by 56mm overall, my earlier blogs on using wood planes should help you get the job done, doors can be reduced in height, common sense should tell you if you try and take too much off the door, remember to allow for the frame, the track and height clearances, FOLLOW the instructions supplied.

The frames have to be cut to the new width IF you decide to adjust the individual door sizes which were supplied but a small "Tenon Saw" and a "Hacksaw" will be the only tools required for adjusting the frame/track width.

The folding doors are supplied with 9mm clearance from each side of the vertical frame legs, the vertical frame legs are what you will be fixing to the walls and you will also be supplied with the frame lintol and threshold.

All of the above items are supplied in kit form and allow you to vary whether all or most doors are fitted to one side of the opening or the other as per the on-line details, please remember that you cannot buy a set of doors which are shown as opening partially to one side with the remainder opening to the other side and then expect them to all fold to one side only.

The fitting of multiple folding doors is fairly easy as long as you plan first, just remember that you need the 9mm starting clearances as mentioned above and you also need the 3mm clearance between each door edge, trying to fit folding doors too tightly together will lead to the doors jamming, not ideal.

All door sizes mentioned on the web site are inclusive of frame, doors and all clearances.

The tools you will need are; Drill and possibly a masonry bit if fitting to a brick or stone wall. Screwdrivers, electric if possible. Wood Plane, electric if possible. Tenon saw and Hacksaw.  Measuring Tape.

Lastly, a fair amount of common sense, you can't buy this and won't find it in your tool kit but think 1st, check 2nd, cut last.

The old carpenters adage of "Measure twice, cut once" is the best advice I can give.


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