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Flush doors with glass construction

What are flush doors with glass and plain flush doors ?

                                                Flush Doors with Glass

                                                       Flush Doors with Glass

All flush doors in recent times were associated with simple interior and exterior doors that consisted of plain faces on both sides of the door and either hollow, semi solid or solid cores.

This class of door was associated with function rather than style but not now the range of flush doors and flush doors with glass include (CAD) computer auded designs that are limited by your imagination only. 

               Verona Oak Door with Obscure Safety Glass Messina White Primed Flush Door with Clear Safety Glass   Coruna Walnut Veneer Door with Frosted Safety Glass and a Clear Lacquer Finish

The flush door is constructed by using two sections of mdf or plywood that are then fixed to a small frame that forms the edges of the door, this frame may then have an interior that is hollow but in most cases support is built into the area within frame, such as a honeycomb system, a sompressed chipboard core or a laminated timber core, the matching edges are added to give protection to whatever type of veneer is used for the faces of the door. 

Flush doors with glass are constructed in the same way but with the addition of a framework to form the area where glass is to be fitted.

Our own range of more than 90 flush doors with glass include ash, beech, oak, walnut white, grey and at the lower price range the original plywood doors for painting, virtually all flush doors with glass or without glass are available with fire door options.

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