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How to fit architraves to a door frame

How to fit an architrave



  1. Using a sharp putty knife (or a craft type knife similar to a stanley knife) place it between the edge of the architrave and the wall to cut through the paint or wallpaper. Follow the same procedure for all of the edges between the face of the architrave and the door lining.
  2. Place a chisel between the rear edge and the wall to pry away the top section of the architrave, do this at regular intervals but especially if you can see wher the old fixings are. Insert a piece of scrap wood or similarin between the chisel and the surface to protect the plaster or wall covering. If the mitred corners are fixed on the wall, lever these apart while you remove the section.
  3. Insert the chisel behind the mitred top edge of the side upright leg sections and prise away. Remove any nails and other fixings with a pair of pliers or the claw of the hammer but always being sure to rpotect the frame or frame linings.
  4. Offer (place) up a new side leg section and mark the position of the mitre on the inside edge where it is closest to the frame lintol. Using a mitre box, make a 45 degree angle cut verticall away from the marked starting position of the mitre.  
  5. STOP WOOD FROM SPLITTING, when trying to use traditional nails, gently blunt the point of the nail, it stops the wood from splitting.
  6. Use two or three partly fixed nails to temporarily pin the length in the correct finishing position. Repeat the same procedure for the other side section.
  7. Hold a length of (horizontally) architrave up against and across the tops of the side leg sections. Mark the inner and outer ends of the mitres on it using the previously mitred legs as a guide. Make a 45 degree cut, check the fit is accurate, adjust as required and nail it in place.
  8. To finish, pin through the corner mitres from the top down in to the very top of the frame legs and fix all the nail heads.
  9.  When you've replaced your architrave, you can start decorating.

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