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Fitting a cat flap in a PVC door - it's easier than you would think...

To all those out there that have worried about doing this type of thing, relax.

I think the hardest part of the process was going shopping with my daughter to a pet store and choosing a cat flap for little precious......the cat not my daughter.

We eventually settled on the simplest of flaps, a multi way locking one so that the cat can be locked out, locked in or allow the cat to come in but not get out again and vice versa, very handy if the cat is spending a late night out and you want to get off to bed.

The actual flap came with a cardboard template and to be honest the only thing I needed was a pencil, a screwdriver, a tape, a small drill and a small jig saw.


I measured the door and set the template where I wanted the flap to be cut out, the pencil mark around the template was to be cut to the inside so the pencil mark remained on the door and the hole wasn't any bigger than necessary, one small hole drilled in the corner of the area to be cut out and we were nearly there, I simply placed the jig saw blade through the drill hole and followed the pencil mark as described, two minutes later we had a hole for the cat flap and a cat waiting eagerly or pensively.

The fitting of the cat flap body or frame was easy enough, 4 screws and we were done, just keep checking the action of the flap as you fix this frame to make sure it is going to work ok, the only thing to remember or note is that if the door panel is over 12mm thick you may need to purchase what they call a "tunnel" so you can't see the cut out edges of the door between the cat flap body on either side of the door, at the end of the day it really isn't necessary but that is your own choice.

The pvc door was supplied by and the cat flap by Pets at home, the only bad news is that I have just discovered an identical cat flap in my shed, brand new in the box and likely to remain there for ever more, how often does that happen, you buy something only to discover you already have one.......and just to end, the cat is having to be gently forced head first through the flap as she doesn't like it.......for the moment.


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Any questions, email and ask "Chippy"

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