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Fire & Smoke Seals, Accoustic Seals - DIY tip 33


We can now reccommend top quality accoustic seals for new fire doors and fire rated frames or indeed for existing doors and frames. Seals are also available for glazing to doors and frames.

The seals that are available in numerous colours have the ability to combine a fire rating with accoustic qualities all within one seal.



                                   A typical style of Fire rated glazing.

This type of seal is particularly useful during renovation work or where you may have made a two storey house in to a three storey by opening up the attic space, generally speaking most planning authorities require full fire proofing of doors and frames if the attic is converted. Check with your own planning department.

Within this range of seals the opportunity is there to be able to supply, 30 minute, 1 hour and also 2 hour fire ratings. The 2 hour rating is very unusual but very useful for extremely sensitive areas that need what could be termed "absolute fire protection".

The seals which we can supply for "retro" fitting are very easy to install and can be done without removing the door from the fire rated frame.



                                            A Selection of Fire & Smoke Seals

We are able to supply seals for both single and double doors and we can also supply "plunger" seals for the bottom of doors. This is a semi auto system that drops down to the floor from the underside of the door when the door is closed, and retracts when the door is opened.

Fitting the above seals requires a fairly high level of skill. We can advise on the best way to progress your project.

Seals for glazing doors and frames are available but would also require fire rated glass to make sure your project complies. It has to be said that the seals are not expensive but the glass certainly is.

Tested in accordance with BS EN ISO140-3; 1995 and meet the requirements of the document.


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