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Fire Door Testing Facts

Fire doors are primarily designed to restrict the spread of fire and are required to perform three main functions:

  • To protect all escape routes from the effects of fire (including smoke) so occupants can leave safely
  • To protect the contents and/or structure of the building by limiting the fire spread (an insurance requirement)
  • To permit fire fighting to be carried out safely


Fire Test Facts

All our fire doors are certified and our door suppliers are able to provide proof of performance showing the door successfully completed a  rigorous fire test to the BS 476 Part 22 standard or the European  equivalent BS EN 1634.

All Building regulations specify the requirements for fire resisting doors to protect occupants for a minimum time which is expressed in minutes, either 20, 30, 60 minutes etc, most of the time tradesmen will use the term FD30 and FD60 which relates directly to 30 minute and 60 minute ratings.

The fire door is tested as a complete assembly including door frames, intumescent seals and essential ironmongery.and can only be guaranteed if the tested design is replicated with the correct compatible  components,  Please ask for a copy of the test evidence when fitting these doors.


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