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Fire Door Seals - Intumescent Fire & Smoke Seals

Intumescent Fire & Smoke Seals


A fire door must be fitted with approved intumescent strips which play a crucial part in acheiving the fire door rating if you wish to adhere strictly to acheiving the test results but our experience is that each planning authority accepts the fire door on its own in terms of compliance with planning when fitted retrospectively.

When subjected to heat, the intumescent strips expand and seal the gap between the door edge and the frame.

Intumescent seals can be fitted within the door frame or grooved into the door edge. Advice on the intumescent strips can be obtained from the test evidence report, available from the door supplier or manufacturer

The material from which the door frame is constructed (e.g. softwood, hardwood or MDF), as well as its section sizes must comply with the required standards. Furthermore, essential hardware (ironmongery) must also have its’ own individual test evidence to show fitness for purpose.

Where and when to fit fire doors?

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