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Fire Door Pairs

A truly new and exciting opportunity to see glazed fire doors pairs, panelled fire door pairs and flush fire door pairs in a range of styles and veneers.

                     Glazed Fire Door Pairs Panelled Fire Door Pairs

                            Glazed Fire Door Pairs              Panelled Fire Door Pairs

The new double fire doors comply with fire door regulations and are set up more as a way of firing client imagination as much as is possible so that there is a clear realisation that the possibilities are endless.

Allour door pairs are shown as 30 minute fire rated, the 60 minute fire doors in the styles shown would be available to order.

                     Flush Fire Door Pairs Bespoke Fire Doors

                             Flush Fire Door Pairs              Made to Measure Fire Doors

Our door sizes vary from1981x1220mm, through 1981x1372mm, 1981x1524mm, 1981x1676mm and many other dimensions where door sizes permit.

Our supply chain allows us to supply bespoke doors from our specialist fire door manufacturers within an agreed time period.

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