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Protect your childs fingers - DIY Tip 31.


These "Fingersafe" products are for use with doors which could prove hazardous to young children. The product images alone give a good idea of how and where to fit this product, while the full instructions contained with this product are clear and easy to follow with the minimum of equipment.


MK1A is for the push/opening hinge side of the door and is suitable for standard doors WITH a frame.

MK1B is for the pull/hinge pin side of the door and is not necessarily required on doors which pull open onto a wall, cupboard, staircase etc (a child would get trapped behind the door before they got their fingers to the small gap). In the case of crawling children we would advise also fitting the MK1B with the MK1A, regardless of whichever type of door you have. Protection is not always required on both sides, but we can only point out the possiblities.

MK1C is for bi-folding doors and frameless doors. MK1A & MK1B should be fitted at the hinge side of each door. MK1C is for where the hinges join a wall, or where the hinges join two doors together to form a bifold door.

Always read the instructions for advice and tips on fitting.


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