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Fathers and Daughters

If you are a parent you would very probably do anything for your son or daughter......even though your kids request will probably cost you time or money but very likely BOTH.

I arranged quite recently to have a pvc door delivered to my daughters home in Norwich, the idea was that my daughter and her husband would arrange to have said door fitted, time passed and the door having been delivered gathered dust, no harm there but a bit pointless.


It was pretty evident when trying to get someone to fit the door that (a) the local tradesmen were too busy (in a recession?) or (B) too expensive, well to be honest, too expensive for my daughter, this came as no surprise as my daughter is penny wise or as they say in Turkey she has a "scorpion in her pocket" meaning she doesn't part with cash easily.

It was decided by my daughter and her mother that I was the man to fit the door, I just wish I'd been involved in that particular decision, nevertheless, I began to prepare for what was my first ever fitting of a pvc door, as a director of that may seem odd but I am more used to measuring the doors and having our joiners install them.

I suppose it proves the point that preparation really does make for an easier path regardless of what you are doing, the day finally came and I took what I thought was an eternity to get the old and worn timber door and frame out and the new pvc door/frame installed, the truth was it took me about 5 hours to complete the whole job and even though I do say so myself, it looked great.

The main issues I found were in setting the frame square or more importantly, getting it to engage the lock keepers as it should, my main tip is when screwing the frame fixings in place do not tighten them fully, tighten them gradually and equally so that you make time to pack behind the frame (between the house wall and the pvc frame) so that the frame is as square to the house walls as it can be BUT always remembering that the house walls may not be square or level, it really will save you time.....and effort.

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