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External Panel Doors

The not so humble panel door, the most traditional style of door in the UK.

                                                 External Panel Doors

                                                          External Panel Doors


The standard panel doors have what is know as "Raised & Fielded" (R&F) panels as shown below, this is when the panel is shaped on all four edges and on both sides, the best way to describe it is as a bevel, the moulding that is machined as one with all sections of timber rails and stiles is known as "Ovollo".

                              Image of Made to Measure External Arran Style Door

                     Close up of a bespoke door from our own manufactured collection


We are also capable of supplying made to measure doors with this type of (R&F) panel or with other types of panel such as a flat panel with a "Bolection" moulding shown below, a bolection moulding is a moulding which is additional to the panel and is then fixed around the panel on all edges where it meets the door rails etc, the image below is a rather elaborate example of the "bolection" mouldings uses.

                               Image of Colonial Exterior 6 Panel Mahogany Wooden Door

                                    Image of a beautiful door pair in Freiburg Germany

Following on from above and generally speaking, a large mouding is fitted on the external face of each panel and a smaller shaped moulding is fitted around the internal face of each panel....however, when manufacturing a door we can also take the opprotunity to use an "Ovollo" moulding which is machined "as one" with the rails and vertical stiles that form the actual door, this Ovollo moulding is on the inside of the door when fitting bolection mouldings externally.

                                                  External Bespoke Panel Doors 

                                                           Bespoke Panel Doors 


                  External Bespoke Doors With Glass Fitted           External Bespoke Doors - Fit Your Own Glass

                      Bespoke Doors with Glass            Bespoke Doors for your own glass


At the end of the day, whatever is required can be manufactured by us, we simply need to discuss what you prefer and more precisely what age your home is so we can help you make an informed judgement on the type of panel door required.