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External Door Frames and Door Systems

We've all been there, we have the house we love but we have a boring looking entrance door that is also unique in as much as it's an odd size and finding external door frames is holding things up.

Traditionally the only solution would be to have the frame made but by utilising our LPD Univest (hardwood) or our Uniovest (oak) external door frames there are lots of additional opportunities to be creative.

The Univest and Uniovest door frames are supplied in kit form by one of our longest standing partners, LPD. The Uniovest external door frame and kit is actually a bleached hardwood to compliment the oak exterior doors, we have constructed a range to outline the versatility of this frame kit that visually allows you to see exactly what is possible with single side screens, double side screens and then either of those with a range of side screen insets to compliment or match the chosen door.

We also know that there are always compromises but with these external door frame kits you have a much better opportunity to get the right door to suit your home, the range offers more than 100 different styles/variants.

The most common issue is more to do with the overall width of the entrance than the height, however, lets deal with the height first, these frames allow you to choose the height using a choice of two different door heights and three widths, choose either a door that is 2032mm and 813mm wide or 1981mm high and 762mm or 838mm wide.

The requirement to fit a side pane of double glazing is then straightforward, the timber door frame head and sill can be cut to suit the required overall opening width, using your own side frame glass allows you to fit these frame/door/side glass combinations from as little as 1060mm to 2291mm wide - the glass width is the variable.

The site allows you to choose the perfect complimentary fittings, black, brass or stainless steel - we have it all, we only need your preferences to show you what is possible for your home and what the exact cost will be.

Go look - Go imagine.