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External Door - Frame Sets - DIY tip 35



We carry out lots of work supplying "Door Sets" to customers specifications. The image shown below in this Blog is one such "Door Set" for a customer in England, this set was asked to be supplied fully finished in Medium Oak using a Vigo door.

A "Door Set" is when the door (external in this case) arrives at the site or your home fully prepared with the frame, frame sill, multi point locking system, hinges, handles, weather stripping for draughts, letter plate and decoration if required.

The whole point is to take away the on-site delays which can occur because of bad weather but also the problems with quality of workmanship, getting a "Door Set" straight from the workshop can save time and money.

We can fit doors to single frames or frames with sidelights to one or both sides of the door, we can also supply the double glazing that would be required for any side frame, side frame glass is normally loose pinned in the frame for transportation purposes and can be removed/reinstalled after the "Door Set" has been installed.

We have also produced numerous "Door Sets" for the interiors of houses, again it saves time and leads to improved quality of finish.

All "Door Sets" are available in a variety of timber, a huge range of frame widths, heights and breadths (from inside to outside) for most types of homes.  


A door set with a Vigo door being prepared by Gareth in our workshop.


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