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External door construction

Virtually all external doors are over veneered these days, this doesn't result in the door being inferior in any way.

Construction methods for doors, laminating the veneers, the construction of the inner core and the edge fitting is extremely reliable, the inner core is a laminated timber which provides fantastic stability in much the same way as "Gluelam" beams do, the aforementioned beams are seen in some modern building and are used instead of steel.

Our made to measure doors are the only doors that are one piece component sections and are more expensive as they are made in the traditional manner with Mortice and Tenon joints and one at a time.


Some of our standard size external doors are Dowel jointed and some are Mortice and Tenon jointed, the difference is minimal but the cost is different with the dowel jointed doors being seen as slightly cheaper doors which is in the main due to speed of construction in mass build situations.

Our standard size external doors are available in Oak and Mahogany and our made to measure doors are also available in Pine, the pine is not your basic Redwood (pine) but is a Southern Yellow Pine which is as expensive as Mahogany.

Some customers are confused by the mahogany term, it is a hardwood but is not as hard as Oak, it is however likely to last as long and be as reliable as oak, in other words there is no need to pay for a more expensive oak door if you can actually see a mahogany door in a style that you like.

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