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Exterior Double Doors and Frames

At last we can now offer lots of different exterior double doors and frames, 30 styles with lots of sizes and all delivered in a few days.

                              Image of Suffolk Exterior Oak Double Door and Frame Set

This completely new range of double door and frames sets has taken a lot of thought to put together but the result for our customers is clear, you see the image and decide!

                              Image of Stockholm External Oak Double Door and Frame Set with Frosted Double Glazing

All doors are oak veneered on a solid core and all frames are contsructed in the same way to a universal style.....this results in the frames being supplied as a kit with full instructions and more sections than required as the frames also suit single doors with side frames.

                              Image of Granada Oak External Double Door and Frame Set with Bronze Tinted Leaded Safety Double Glazing

We havent included any fittings such as locks or hinges, these can all be added as you go through the buying process......flexible options to suit your home and circumstances.

                              Image of Empress External Oak Double Door and Frame Set with Zinc Clear Tri Glazing

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