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Exterior and Interior Door Trends for 2017

Doors are a statement of style; they’re the introduction to every room of your home and a great way to display culture and taste. Here’s a look at some of the upcoming trends in doors for 2017:

door trends

External doors are a means of reflecting the surrounding building and its décor, with some styles becoming more extravagant while others are becoming more subdued.

External Oak Doors

Glazed interior doors are likely to become more popular throughout 2017. Providing a natural method of spreading light throughout a household, they can help to create a more spacious impression of your interiors.

Internal Glazed Doors


A modern alternative to separating rooms by traditional doorways is to use interior bi-fold doors such as those from our Deanta range. This approach can allow for adequate separation of space when doors are closed, and can then be folded away to create spaciousness when needed.


Deanta Interior Folding Doors

Patio doors are also seeing a new trend on the rise, which you should expect to see more of in 2017. Larger bifold doors are helping to blur the line between indoor and outdoor space, with more and more home-owners viewing their gardens as extensions of their homes.